19.00 - Midnight THUR 30 JANFrench Residence

Fete de la Musique, An Evening of Music at the French Residence, Jeddah

The “Fête de la Musique” is a great cultural event created in France around thirty years ago, which has since then spread all around the World. Organized each 21st June everywhere in France, even in the smallest villages, the « Fête de la Musique » is also celebrated in French Embassies and General Consulates all around the World. The concept is to give the floor to all musicians, non-professional and professional, as well as to offer music of the World performances. All the artists are performing for free and many volunteers are involved in the preparation of the event.

By Invitation only 


21.00 SAT 01 FebBallad

Poetic Ballad, eL Seed’s performance of Calligraffiti in Jeddah’s Old Town

French-Tunisian artist eL Seed combines graffiti with traditional Arabic calligraphy to create a unique street art that he calls ‘Calligrafitti’. He believes that his work can challenge intolerance and extremism and bring people together. The artists dramatic and colourful displays have been seen in New York, Paris, Melbourne and Tunis. For JAW 2014, eL Seed will paint a mural in the Old Town of Jeddah, inspired by the poetry of a young Saudi Arabian poet. In engaging with the local context and culture, this performance aims to raise awareness about the rich cultural heritage of the Ballad and the need to restore and preserve it. The artist will be assisted by five local graffiti artists to complete this mural over two days.



18.00 SAT 01 FebCorniche

Unveiling of The Outdoor Sculpture Park, Jeddah

Jeddah’s Corniche is home to one of the largest collections of public sculptures in the world, including works by Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Juan Miro, amongst many others. In cooperation with Jeddah Municipality, Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives has commissioned the restoration of a selection of bronze sculptures, which have deteriorated due to the passing of time and harsh weather conditions. Under the expertise of Plowden and Smith, a UK-based restoration company, 27 works have been repaired and maintained using state-of-the-art equipment. JAW 2014 will see these famous sculptures unveiled to the public in a new location that will become an open-air museum for Jeddah’s residents and visitors. 


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

Opening of Sotheby’s Exhibition Highlights from Its Upcoming Contemporary Art Auction in Doha

Following the success of its debut show in Saudi Arabia, international auction house, Sotheby’s, returns with an exhibition of highlights from its upcoming sale in Doha. More than 20 works will feature in this travelling exhibition and it is a rare chance to see pieces by acclaimed contemporary international artists and modern Middle Eastern painters alike. Highlights include Damian Hirst’s Butterflies and Ali Bandisadr’s The Chase, as well as works by Hayv Kahraman, Jannane Al Ani, Khalil Rabah and Mounir Fatmi.



19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Limited Edition 3’ An exhibition of 21 Saudi artists curated by Arabian Wings

Arabian Wings was co-founded by Mohamed Bahrawi and Najlaa Felemban and is a grassroots organisation dedicated to supporting the visual arts of the Arab World with a particular emphasis on Saudi Arabia. In the past few years, this has been achieved through international residency programmes, seminars, lectures and art workshops.

This annual event, titled ‘Limited Edition’, will showcase the work of 21 local Saudi artists who have studied and specialised in the Kingdom and have been supported and nurtured by Arabian Wings’ initiatives. The goal of the ‘Limited Edition’ exhibition is to exhibit artwork that is in keeping with Saudi Arabian culture and the tenets of Islam. The artworks are carefully selected to embody Saudi Arabian society and to offer to an audience an understanding of the principles that its people live by. Being traditional in concept, the artworks on show have a number of eclectic characteristics, not least the use of new media and techniques.

The selection of artworks on show are made from various media which includes acrylic on canvas, mixed media, wooden art, installation art, oil pastel on carved wood, sculptures of marble and metal, digital art, Arabic calligraphy and photography.



19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Mapping Azimuth: Two Calligraphic Ascensions’ An exhibition of works by Nja Mahdaoui and Khaled Ben Slimane

Organised by Tunisia’s leading contemporary art gallery, Galerie El Marsa, this exhibition brings together the works of two of North Africa’s foremost calligraphy masters of the 20th Century. Nja Mahdaoui has been inspired by Arabic calligraphy, poetry, myth and folklore to create his abstract compositions. His work is widely known in Saudi Arabia, following commissions for the airports of Jeddah and Riyadh, and the aircrafts of Gulf Air.

Khaled Ben Slimane is a skilled ceramist and calligrapher and his work brings these two art forms together. He has exhibited internationally and his pieces can be found in public and private collection across the world. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see art works by two of the region’s greatest living artists.




19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Single Saudi Women’ Wasma Mansour Solo Exhibition

Wasma Mansour’s ongoing study of single Saudi women living in London is an interrogation of the stereotypical representation of women from her native country. Her photographic works challenge perceptions by exploring the domestic spaces that Saudi women live in, their possessions and their relationship to the hijab. The images examine questions of identity, power and space. This is the first solo-show by the artist in her native country of Saudi Arabia. 



19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Kakaibang Jeddah!’ Jeddah Through the Lenses of 15 Filipino Photographers

Saudi Arabia is home to more than 1 million Filipino migrant workers, some of whom have spent decades in the country. Recent changes in immigration laws and the subsequent expulsion of scores of workers has brought attention to the lives of these migrants and the cultures they have created away from home.

‘Kakaibang Jeddah’ brings together the photographic work of 15 part-time Filipino photographers for the first time in an exhibition that celebrates Jeddah and explores lesser-known aspects of the city that they enjoy. 30 works printed on aluminium will be exhibited at part of JAW 2014. 

KAKAIBANG JEDDAH main photographers

Alain Quisumbing
Alfer Jimenez
Arnel Angeles
Arnel Villavicencio
Danyl Lada
Direk Camua
Elmer Limpiado
Francis Alan Aquino
Francis Tinga
Jeffrey Perez
Jimmy Villa
Jolly Nisperos
Jon Soriano
June Adonis
Lynne Fiolita Jimenez
Merlyn Cahalim
Melvin Alejo
Mia Mangaliag
Michael Malijao
Richard Nicolasora
Rodolfo DelaCruz
Romy Israel
Thesz Fontanilla Clariza


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Al Kistas’, Solo Show by Ahmed Hussein

19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Orientalism’, A Collection of Works by Dr Mohammed Abu AL Naja, curated by Arabian Wings

19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Edition#1’, EOA Projects

A border-crossing exhibition of prints, collages and works on paper from artists based in Europe, America and the Middle East.


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘ESC’, Virtual Reality by Nour Kelani and The Loft Creative Hub

The Internet has become a haven for people in Saudi Arabia and the world over to escape reality and live in a virtual world. Using social media as a platform, fashion, art and technology collide in this design installation to express where the designers want to be in contrast to where they are. 


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘I Dream Kingdom’ Solo show by Khalid Zahid

Khalid Zahid’s exhibition is the visualisation for what he would like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be in the future. The works shown will see an empowered educated youth and a country run by its workers. Zahid’s uses his art as a movement for change that he hopes will affect the Kingdom in a positive way. 


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘Distributed Objects’ Solo show by Maha Malluh, Presented by Selma Feriani Gallery, London

The art of Maha Malluh pays homage to her home country of Saudi Arabia as “a land of contrasting images and ideas.” This exhibition, which is shown in conjunction with an exhibition of Mullah’s work in London, focuses on the consequences and changes brought forward by consumerism as a new social and economic order and how it radically affects our values, culture as well as natural and architectural landscapes.


19.00 SUN 02 FebAl Furusiya

‘More Than Paper’, A Collection of works by Abdulaziz Ashoor

10.00 – 17.00 MON 03 FebDar Al Hekma

One-day Symposium: ‘Global Contemporary Art and Its Networks’, Dar Al Hekma University in partnership with JAW

In partnership with Ibraaz Publishing, Dar Al Hekma University hosts a one-day educational event to give participants an introduction to contemporary visual art and its global development. The symposium will include lectures, roundtable discussions and panels featuring academics, artists, collectors and gallerists from the region and beyond. The day will address questions of art and the market, art practices, and the development of institutions in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East.

Ibraaz is the leading critical forum on visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East. Initiated by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, it was launched at the 54th Venice Biennale as an online publishing platform. Ibraaz now publishes edited readers in print and runs public programmes at institutions across the globe. 




19.00 MON 03 FebAl-Shati

‘Contemporary Kingdom’, Ayyam Gallery, Jeddah

One year after opening its doors in Jeddah, Ayyam Gallery presents a group show of six contemporary Saudi Arabian artists as part of JAW 2014. Rashed Al Shashai, Huda Beydoun, Adbulnasser Gharem, Maham Malluh, Faisal Samra and Shaweesh span three generations of practicing artists and come together in this exhibition to embody and address the issue of rapid modernisation that is impacting their native country.

The collection of works sees a range of different creative approaches and media, from photography and video to sculpture and installation. Familiar icons of Western pop-culture and science-fiction are re-contextualised by Beydoun and Shaweesh; whilst Malluh, Samra and Gharem explore ecological and industrial questions in their pieces.  



18.00 TUE 04 FebAl-Hamra

A Celebration of Saudi Contemporary art, Al Alamia, Gallery

20.00 TUE 04 FebAl Hamra

Abdilaziz Bube Asher Solo Exhibition, Saudi Art Centre/Markaz al Saudi, curated by Arabian Wings

18.00 WED 05 FebPalestine Street

‘Saudi Colours’, House of Artists

20.00 WED 05 FebAt the crossing of Medina Road and Hiraa Street

‘Shift, New Perspectives’, Dama Art

18.00 THUR 06 FebTahlia Street

‘Miniatures, and Contemporary Art from the Middle East’, Rochane Gallery

20.00 THUR 06 Feb

‘Al Corniche Exploration’, Art and Culture Association